Interview with Blake Myers of Universal Manufacturing Corp

Blake Myers of Universal Manufacturing Corp

What inspires Blake Myers to get out of bed each morning? 

I find a lot of inspiration in the idea of helping other people. Whether it is in business or personal life, we have a responsibility to help our fellow man. I feel as if this positive aspect helps me to motivate myself to push further each day and help people that need help. I firmly believe that kindness is something that is not often used in the world of business. People are oftentimes not treated fairly and that is something we actively work to prevent each day at Universal Manufacturing Corp. 

Can you elaborate more on the importance of kindness in the world of business? 

People paint a picture in their minds that the business world is an incredibly cutthroat place that takes no prisoners. This is an absolute truth. However, what many CEO’s and managers don’t realize is that their companies are nothing without their employees. They are the backbone of their company. They are the ones who are peddling the bicycle as it slowly goes uphill. Treating them and the various people that are associated with your business well is crucial to ensure that the company continues to move forward. 

What makes Universal Manufacturing Corp so different from other companies? 

The biggest aspect that I believe sets us apart from the norm is our ability to proactively solve problems. We have the foresight that allows us to see problems before they can begin to develop. We value the team that we have at the company and work with them to improve our working relationship. People generally have good things to say about working for our company so that is an accomplishment in my book. I will say that it is a challenge to maintain our company as an owner. However, I give it my all each day to ensure that we are the number one manufacturing business in the industry. 

How does Blake Myers start his morning each day? 

The first thing that I do in the morning is to avoid checking my phone. Though it may sound like an easy task, it is much more difficult than it sounds. Anyone who runs a business feels that impulse to quickly check their emails and text messages to see if anything important has come through. However, I believe it is important to set the tone for the day by taking personal time first thing in the morning. 

I meditate as soon as I get out of bed. I usually will do a session for 10-15 minutes to get my mind right. I then make a green power-smoothie and drink a tall glass of water to energize my body. I then begin my exercise routine to get the blood pumping. I’ll spend some time journaling for about 20 minutes to jot down any ideas that I have floating in my mind. Finally, I begin my day and start working on my to-do list. 

We hear that you are an advocate for self-care. How important is it to you? 

We cannot produce good work if we do not take care of ourselves. It’s easy to see corporate executives and higher-ups in corporations to run themselves down into the ground. Their plates are so full each day and it is impossible for them to complete all of it in a reasonable time. Unfortunately, they work until they become sick and cannot work anymore because of it. They are temporarily put out of commission. This halts productivity to a standstill. This is why I take time each day to check in with myself and give my body and mind what it needs. It keeps me running strong and allows me to make strides throughout my day. 

What advice do you have for aspiring business owners? 

I would recommend that you take a good look at your life and remove excess negative aspects. This includes people, habits, and thoughts that may prevent you from reaching success. We are the only ones who can stop us from achieving our goals. This means that we have the power to remove obstacles in our lives that can prevent us from becoming successful. Also, it is important to remember that all good things take time. Be patient and continue working on your business. Your time of success will come. 

Finally, what would you tell your younger self if you had the chance? 

I would tell him to slow down a bit more and take more vacations. You’ll thank yourself for it later!