David Rosov

Executive Chef David Rosov is the owner and founder of Palm Beach Personal Chefs in South Florida – a company that provides private chef services to clients. He inherited a taste for all things exquisite from his grandfather, who owned a butcher shop. David was exposed to the culinary world from a very early age as his parents introduced him to gastronomy and developed a fine taste for exotic cuisines. By the time he was 13, his parents were training him to set the tables and stock the bar at the family-owned fine dining establishment, The Saloon, where he later ran the restaurant alongside his family.

Chef David Rosov’s professional career began in earnest when he enrolled in The Culinary Institute of America (CIA), graduating with honors. He then went on to work and receive hands-on instruction from renowned master chefs, entrepreneurs, and wine experts. His international training and staging placed him in a prime position to share his techniques. His expertise and intuitive skill allowed him to work in Hollywood as a motion pictures and television caterer for high-profile individuals like actress Victoria Principal, business magnate Barron Hilton, well-known athletes, politicians, and other American icons.

With such high demand for his private chef consulting services, Chef David developed and founded Palm Beach Personal Chefs. Through his company, Chef David Rosov provides one-on-one, custom-delivered meal plans, customized menus, gourmet food preparation for dinner parties, menu development, planning, purchasing, estate management, and many other high-end services. He emphasizes the highest quality of ingredients and exquisite pairings.

1. What inspired you to pursue a career in the culinary arts and become a personal chef?

I have always been passionate about food, since I was young. As a child, my grandfather owned a butcher shop and growing up with him taught me the importance of sourcing quality ingredients and creating dishes that tasted delicious. My parents exposed me to fine dining experiences at an early age and when I turned 13, they hired me to help out in our family-owned restaurant “The Saloon.” This is where my genuine love for cooking began.I knew that this passion would be best fulfilled if I studied the culinary arts in a formal setting, so after high school graduation, I enrolled myself in The Culinary Institute of America (CIA). After working alongside master chefs around the world and honing my skills as both a cook and restaurateur, it eventually led to establishing Palm Beach Personal Chefs – a private chef consulting service – which allows clients to enjoy custom-made meal plans crafted from only the freshest ingredients available on the market paired with exquisite flavors. Simply put: since I was young, food has been an integral part of who I am; pursuing it as a career was a natural choice for me!

2. Can you tell us about your background and experience working in the restaurant industry?

My background in the restaurant industry spans from childhood to my current executive chef position. Growing up, I was exposed to the culinary world as my parents introduced me to gastronomy and helped me to develop a fine taste for exotic cuisines. At the age of 13, I was also helping to set tables and stock bars at The Saloon with my family, so that gave me a great jump start. After high school graduation, I decided to take it one step further and enrolled in The Culinary Institute of America (CIA). After I graduated with honors, I worked alongside renowned master chefs and wine experts where I got some hands-on training that propelled my career forward. My experiences in Hollywood as a caterer on film sets for high-profile individuals like Victoria Principal provided insight into catering of a whole different kind. This all eventually led me to take what I learned while working dinner parties or developing upscale menus – paired with top quality ingredients – and to create Palm Beach Personal Chefs. It has become an esteemed company providing private chef services tailored towards clients’ needs, including menu development, estate management, and anything we can provide to make a client’s experience one of a kind.

3. What motivated you to start your own private chef services company, Palm Beach Personal Chefs?

I was working as a personal chef for actress Victoria Principal. I enjoyed this very glamorous and exciting new facet of the industry. Then I had a first-hand look at what the personal chefs on mega and superyachts do before it was even glamorized. I really enjoyed the lifestyle. I found passion in it. It wasn’t until I met Barron Hilton that things really took off. He became my biggest personal supporter, and I still remain close with the Hilton family today. I was motivated to start my own private chef services company, Palm Beach Personal Chefs, because I discovered a passion for the lifestyle when I had the chance to experience it first-hand. My aim with Palm Beach Personal Chefs is to provide top quality custom-delivered meal plans, customized menus and gourmet food preparation for dinner parties with the highest quality of ingredients available.

4. What do you think is the biggest benefit you provide your clients?

Every personal chef I’ve ever met offers their client a personal touch, but that alone isn’t enough anymore, especially in Palm Beach. My clients want gourmet food that looks as pretty as it tastes. They also expect personalized service from all aspects of their lives: meal plans delivered including ingredients, meals cooked once a week or every couple days depending upon what they need or prefer, or a personal chef who warms up your meals to enjoy. All personal chefs are uniquely qualified to cover this personal experience for their clients, but I do it with a personal approach that inspires lasting relationships.

5. How do you stay current and continue to evolve your culinary skills and techniques?

I stay current and continue to evolve my culinary skills and techniques by constantly reading about new ingredients, flavors, dishes, trends, and techniques. I also collaborate with other chefs from different countries and cultures in order to learn their cooking styles. Additionally, I attend food festivals both locally and abroad so that I can experience the local cuisine firsthand. Lastly, I get inspiration from traveling to different places and tasting the regional flavors for myself. All of these experiences help me develop new ideas for dishes that incorporate diverse culinary styles from around the world.

6. What does the future hold for your business? What are you most excited about?

I am very excited to grow the meal planning and delivery aspect of Palm Beach Personal Chefs. My clients, especially the athletes, really enjoy the ease and simplicity of having a completely personalized and curated menu each week that I have prepared and prepackaged then delivered straight to their door. It’s such a personal touch and I’m excited to continue personalizing this service.

7. What tips would you have for anyone wanting to start their own personal chef service?

The personal chef industry is so demanding at the moment that success is tough, even if you’re well qualified and experienced – it’s difficult to keep up with changing demands. My advice is not only be flexible enough to meet these demands, but also remain knowledgeable and up to date about your clients preferences as well as what your client ultimately wants or needs. We’ve all had those nights where nothing good looks appealing in the fridge – making sure your client will eat something healthy they’ll love takes some time and practice. I think personal chefs should be encouraged to develop their own personal style, or at least to personalize the dishes they prepare. 

8. Can you discuss your approach to creating custom-delivered meal plans and customized menus for clients?

My approach to creating custom-delivered meal plans and customized menus for clients is based on providing delicious and nutritious cuisine. I work closely with my clients to understand their dietary needs, preferences, allergies, and lifestyle so that I can craft high-quality menus tailored to meet these individual requirements. I strive to ensure that the dishes I prepare are both flavorful and healthy by utilizing fresh ingredients from local farmers markets whenever possible. My goal is always to create meal plans that keep my customers satisfied while nourishing them both physically and emotionally with delicious food.

9. How do you ensure the highest quality of ingredients and exquisite pairings in your dishes?

I always make sure to source the freshest, highest quality ingredients available. I also place a strong emphasis on flavor profiles and combinations when I’m creating dishes, so I take care to pair ingredients that complement one another in taste and appearance. For example, fish dishes may be accompanied by a light lemon sauce or cooked with herbs like dill or rosemary for extra flavor. By doing this, it allows me to create dynamic meals that are visually appealing and mouth-watering every time.

10. Can you give us some examples of the high-end services offered by Palm Beach Personal Chefs? 

Palm Beach Personal Chefs offers a range of high-end services including custom-delivered meal plans, customized menus, gourmet food preparation for dinner parties, menu development and planning, purchasing of ingredients and estate management. Private chef consulting is also available to clients. We specialize in the highest quality ingredients and exquisite pairings that make our services stand out from the rest.