Interview with People Unlimited Co-Founder, James Strole

James Strole of People Unlimited

Tell Us More About Who James Strole is as a Person. 

I am someone who believes in looking out for the best interests of other people. In don’t want to succeed at the expense of others. I want to succeed with others. I have used my sense of connection as a driving force in creating People Unlimited Inc. to provide a welcoming culture for people who want to live longer and better. 

What Inspired You to Start People Unlimited Inc.? 

One of my biggest passions in life was to create a community that focuses on super longevity. I have always wanted to bring together like-minded people who wish to support each other to build a better way of life. Bernadeane and I have worked incredibly hard to create the largest community of super longevity enthusiasts of its kind based in Scottsdale, AZ. It has been an absolute honor to be able to accomplish this task for so many people. 

Were There Any Doubts in Your Mind That Your Ideas Would Never Reach Fruition? 

Right from the start, I had complete confidence this would work. There was opposition from people who were skeptical about our ideas. However, some of these people have been swayed about the concept of immortality now that longevity has become mainstream. The possibilities are endless as scientists and doctors are taking more action to find new methods to help us achieve immortality. 

How Do You Handle the Naysayers? 

There are always people in your life who will try to prevent you from achieving your goals. While we wholeheartedly believe in immortality, we understand that this concept is something that many people simply cannot accept. However, with more scientific breakthroughs we are able to showcase proof that super longevity is entirely possible. 

Can You Tell Us About Your Diet? 

We strongly believe in eating organic foods in their most whole, healthy form. Our bodies are denied proper nourishment when we rely on processed foods and too much meat and cheese. We have limited these elements in our diet and switched in some cases to vegan alternatives. Fruits and vegetables have rich nutrients that can allow our bodies to thrive longer and be stronger. 

We also include CBD oil regularly into our diet. CBD oils have been known to help alleviate if not outright cure various diseases. There have been instances where CBD oil has prevented someone with tremors from experiencing these convulsions regularly. CBD oil is all natural and helps our bodies function properly. It is just one example of a how we can supplement our diet with nutrients that support longevity.

What is One of the Most Successful Marketing Tools You Have Used Before? 

Word of mouth is one of the most powerful tools to spread awareness about our organization. The power of word of mouth is oftentimes overlooked. Many people rely too much on the internet to spread awareness of their company. However, a solid human connection with someone else is one of the best ways to educate someone on your cause. More businesses should use word of mouth when it comes to expansion. 

What Makes People Unlimited Inc. Such an Incredible Organization to Work for? 

We strongly believe that the human connection has transformative power. We are passionate about our bodies and overall wellbeing. Many people see this and wish to achieve this level of health. So naturally, we care about the people who work with us. We welcome those who wish to join our organization with open arms and give them the right tools to succeed. 

What is One of The Most Fulfilling Moments of Your Business You’ve Ever Had? 

I recently attended a People Unlimited event in which the creativity was just explosive. People were sharing great ideas left and right. They were going so fast that I could hardly keep up. It made me feel incredibly grateful to have such a super team surrounding me. I had realized that I have created a wonderful community where people can be themselves and contribute in whichever way they want to. 

What Does the Future Hold for Your Business? 

We see ourselves expanding more than we ever have before. We wish to bring together people who want to see an end to death altogether. We have many outreach programs and are constantly making new contacts. It is an incredible time for People Unlimited Inc. and we have never been more excited to be here. 

What Advice Would You Give to Your Younger Self? 

Don’t worry about what people will say or think about you. It is your responsibility to yourself to be as authentic as you possibly can and avoid those who would block your path.