John Shook

John Shook

What does John Shook do every morning that helps him become so successful? 

The first thing I do whenever I wake up in the morning is show gratitude. I am very thankful for the opportunities that God has given to me. I always make sure to write down what I am thankful for and I always pay my dues each day for it. We can literally rewire our brains to think more positively whenever we practice gratitude each day. I believe in the power of positive thought. It has changed my life and allowed me to do well with my business. 

Tell us more about Impact Vehicle Supplies and how you got the inspiration to make the company 

My company is an online retailer that provides parts for your vehicle and other accessories. I started my business whenever I realized that we just didn’t have enough car part suppliers out there online. Creating an online store-front was something that we had planned from the beginning. Owning a warehouse that only contains our items was a more cost-effective method than opening storefronts everywhere. This has helped us exponentially since we have launched our business. We serve thousands of customers each day and love it when we receive positive reviews about our customer service. 

Speaking of customer service, can you tell us more about yours? 

We knew from the beginning that we wanted to provide our customers with the very best customer service possible. All businesses are built on trust. It can be difficult shopping with an online retailer whenever there is no face to face interaction happening. We hired the very best customer service representatives who are able to assist the customer to make their selections. This is the secret to our business and how we keep it running so smoothly. 

What other secrets can you tell us that help your business run so smoothly? 

It’s no secret that I’m not a computer expert. I have been an automotive technician and business owner for over 20 years. My expertise is in cars and not technology. We hired a company that helped us utilize a master data management system. This helped us keep all of our data secure and in one place. I cannot thank them enough for supplying the master data management system. All the website guys know how to work it and have thanked me personally for getting it for our business. 

What about cars interests you so much? 

Cars are a necessity in our lives. We require them to help us get to work and home. However, there is a deeper understanding of vehicles that many people often overlook. Cars are just like us if you think about it. They require maintenance to keep the running efficiently. I have always liked the idea of maintenance. I was a weight lifter back in college. I always liked the idea of having to maintain my body to keep myself in shape. I just apply this mentality to vehicles, and it clicks. 

Why do you think people want to work at your company? 

I always make sure to take care of my employees. I have been a manager of various other auto shops over the years before owning my online storefront. I always made sure to take care of my employees first whenever I was managing. They are the backbone of our company and keep us going regularly. A team that does not work well with their management staff is destined to fail. I make it a point each and every day to talk to my staff and make sure all is well. I also ask them for ways that we can improve the company too. 

What was the best $100 you have ever spent? 

My daughter was asking me for this Elsa costume that she wanted to wear. She is really into Disney movies and especially Frozen. I bought her the costume from someone on Etsy who makes custom outfits. She was absolutely thrilled whenever she got it. It warmed my heart to see her so happy that she got what she had been asking for. I have to say that was the best $100 I’ve ever spent in my life. 

What recommendations would you give to people looking to start their own business? 

There is only one thing that can bring about success in life and that is hard work. Make sure you work hard and stick to your values. These will lead you to the life that you want to live.