Jason Portman

Jason Portman

Jason Portman is a retired Director of Operations and an attorney specializing in criminal defense, business operations and marketing. Portman’s business background helped him incorporate different legal marketing drifts to attract prospects and talents. The strategies include: investing in the right content, transforming the law office website, managing the law firm reputation and tracking performance metrics. Owing to his extensive experience in the legal profession, Portman has worked in several law offices spread across the southeastern region of the US. 

One of his most successful client firms is based in downtown Tampa, FL. The law firm specializes in Criminal Defense Law, Divorce and Family Law and Driving Under Influence (DUI) Law. As a criminal lawyer in Tampa, he stood for justice by defending individuals and companies facing investigations, charges and sentencing. He has also advised many clients involved in civil litigation and other legal proceedings. Portman attributes his streak of successful in criminal defense to extensive trial experience and personalized approach to defense matters. 

How did you get started in business? What prompted you to start the business? 

Immediately after graduating from law school with a law degree, I took up the position of junior attorney at a law firm in Florida. My decision to practice law was informed by an inner desire to see justice and pursue a rewarding career. 

When you started, was there such as a time when you doubted your career decisions? If so, how did you go about it? 

The legal practice is just as competitive as any other profession or business. The challenges in the industry include regulation and compliance and competition from low cost legal providers. To overcome these challenges, I decided to set myself apart by devising a multi-prong approach that involved enhancing my professional profile and expanding the range of legal services. 

Other than referrals, what single marketing strategy do you think has been instrumental in generating new business? 

Marketing a law firm is slightly different compared to business. The one marketing strategies that have consistently worked for me is networking with local businesses, charities and partners. 

Looking at the last few months, what is the toughest decision you’ve had to make? 

That would be the decision to promote a staff from a great field of candidates. It was a tough decision because I wanted to come off as confident, rational and a capable decision maker. 

What makes you successful? 

Successful lawyers need intelligence and a combination of skills, including effective communication and strong analytical and advocacy skills. Besides these qualities, I attribute my success to the ability to build lasting relationships with clients and local organizations. 

Please tell us your most satisfying moment in business? 

As a defense attorney serving in Tampa, Florida, I once presented a client whose customer refused to pay for delivered goods. The customer denied ever receiving the huge consignment. I did thorough research behind the scenes and obtained all the necessary documentation from the bill of lading to receipts from delivery trucks and rested my case. The case was ruled in our favor and the client was so grateful. 

What does the future hold for your business? What are you excited about? 

Practicing law affords me the opportunity to work flexible hours, practice in diverse areas and more importantly, help those in need. I see a promising future ahead as I continue to help organizations, groups and individuals requiring legal assistance and advice. 

What business book has inspired you? 

My favorite motivational book is “the Alchemist” that analyses the importance of growing up under the mentorship influence. 

What decision have you made recently that benefited your business? 

Not long ago, I crafted strategies to revamp the online infrastructure of the law firm. The efforts were crucial in enhancing the firm’s online footprint. The long drawn effort covered video marketing, local SEO and social media.

What is one attribute you contribute to your success? 


What’s your advice to an individual looking to go into business? 

My advice to you is learning how to set realistic expectations and instill a great attitude at your work. While at it, treat your seniors and subordinates with decorum. 

What one thing are you still learning to do better? 

One thing I am still learning is policing the social media as a strategy to safeguard my reputation.