James Sampson, Marketing Director

James Sampson is a digital marketing guru with immense knowledge and experience in the lucrative trade. He is a former Marketing Director of a marketing consultancy focused on helping client firms grow in leaps and bounds. His areas of specialty include Marketing Automation, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Paid Search and Advertising Programs. The clients served by James come from diverse industries, key among them include: retail, manufacturing, marketing, health, mining and agriculture. James Sampson believes every project, both large and small, has a unique set of challenges that can be overcome through critical analysis and application of tested solutions. 

For clients seeking to optimize their websites, James is well-versed in building backlink profiles, reviewing analytics, handling on-site SEO and tracking results using various metrics and KPIs. He is also adept at overseeing the implementation of content marketing strategies. Clients seeking these services have seen the traffic grow and their websites rank high on search engines like Google. James Sampson mostly uses platforms like the internet, display advertising and mobile phones. The stellar record of success has earned James receive numerous accolades and endorsements. During his free time, James Sampson enjoys reading and mentoring marketers eager to follow his footsteps. 

What was your favorite subject in school?

That would be mathematics because I enjoyed tinkering with numbers and solving problems and puzzles. I was also intrigued by the promise of working at a busy computer workstation. 

What was your first job? 

Immediately after graduating from college, I served as a marketing intern and consultant. During those early years, I worked as an independent consultant offering marketing tips and advice to clients seconded to me. The scope of my work also involved doing extensive research on marketing trends, demographics and brand recognition. I will submit that digital marketing remains a critical component of my work. This is important because business looking to stay competitive must leverage the digital channels available to them to stay on the right course of success. 

How do you keep yourself motivated? 

Regardless of the source of inspiration, motivation must be inculcated internally to guarantee lasting results. The bit I enjoy most about my work include collaboration and autonomy. With collaboration, I usually get the best results when I work with a team with shared vision and dedication to the mission, which can be anything from hitting a sales target to growing the bottom-line. My experience as marketing director also motivates me to craft and test new ideas. 

What charitable ideas currently excite you most?

Some of the charitable ideas that excite me most include public benefit and opportunity to make the giving experience feel good. This is evident in the support I continue to provide in support of youth education and marketing ingenuity. My inspiration to support charitable organizations stems from personal connections and the belief in human values. The affinity began long ago, thanks to my past experiences and connections with different organizations and people. 

Could you describe your most satisfactory day ever in work?

I have had many successes working in the marketing industry, which makes it difficult to pin-point one particular day as the most satisfying. However, I am excited about new trends like viral marketing and mobile payments and beacons. Viral marketing techniques allow users and consumers to share information about various services or products via the internet and word of mouth. The strategy is quite effective since it focuses on reaching as many people as possible. Advances in technology have greatly enhanced mobile payments and beacon technology. I am glad several big retail brands have wholeheartedly embraced the idea and are using the technologies to improve customer or end-user experience all through to the checkout process. 

Are there any local businesses or industries you see making good use of modern techniques? 

Though I’m mostly retired, I do still try to keep my ears to the ground when it comes to marketing. One noteworthy development is the online presence of Dr. Farrior facial plastic surgery in Tampa. Today, if you go to Google and search the term “plastic surgery in Tampa” the practice will appear first on your screen. The center performs a number of procedures, including rhinoplasty, non-surgical enhancements, facelifts and spa services. This tells me they are doing something correctly to target their specific local audience.

What nugget of wisdom would you share with your 20-year-old self?

With promising career prospects ahead and free flowing energy, age 20 seems like the perfect time to take manageable risks and test the limits of what life has put in store. Going back in time, I would make every effort to save money in order to safeguard my future at a tender age. This thought is informed by the notion that the good life is never cheap and demands every sacrifice.