Doctor Ryan Shelton


Dr. Ryan Shelton is a Board and N.A.B.N.E. Certified Doctor that has sought to revolutionize the skincare industry through his innovative take on anti-aging products. Dr. Shelton was educated in Biochemistry and received his Masters from the University of Kansas. He studied medicine at the prestigious Bastyr University and took his doctoral education forward into the world of skincare alongside his unique perspective.

While other doctors followed preset paths into the cosmetics and plastic surgery industries, Dr. Ryan did work in pharmacies as well as women’s clinics to gain hands-on experience with the people he sought to serve. This experience and education would eventually develop into what is now known as South Beach Skin Lab, an organization devoted to one simple cause: fresher, younger-looking skin. Dr. Ryan specially formulated every product so they would uphold his high standards of quality and effectiveness for any woman who wants to turn back time on their skin.

What motivated you to become a doctor?

I wanted to be an anthropologist, but I also wanted to help people.  So I combined the two things that I love, and I really couldn’t be happier. Life is all about following your passions, and I couldn’t be prouder to have both of mine featured in this product line.

Following up on that, what inspired you to get into the skincare business?

For many people, how they look affects how they feel and how they are as a human being. When they feel beautiful, they participate in life more beautifully, and that truly inspired me to take part.

What helps South Beach Skin Lab stand out?

South Beach Skin Lab is not just another cosmetic company selling simple moisturizers. We work hard to produce formulas backed by scientific evidence, not just marketing. I like to think that our commitment to results and quality pure natural ingredients helps us stand out.

Were you ever worried that the skincare industry was overcrowded?

With unique, innovative, effective ingredients, no.  We formulated based on science, not just to be another product. If you provide results, you will never get lost in the crowd.

What’s been your biggest accomplishment since you founded South Beach Skin Lab?

By far it is seeing the positive changes in people’s lives. Nothing beats seeing the smile on one of your patient’s faces when you can see deep down they feel better about themselves.  Some people say that anti-aging products are based on vanity, but I disagree, I think they are meant to help you be the best version of yourself.

Which parts of your routine most contribute to your success?

When it comes to being successful nothing is more important than a good night’s sleep so I can attack each new day as it comes.  Running a brand requires you to wear a ton of different hats, and you need to be sharp!

What’s next for you and your business?

Now that we have seen such tremendous success with our current line of products, next we will be working to expand our lineup with even more useful skin care lines to help people.

 What life lesson do you wish you had learned sooner?

The key to happiness is loving your family and friends. If you keep that in mind, you’ll always come out on top.

What’s some advice you have for someone who wants to follow your career path?

Never be satisfied with the status quo, always seek to discover more.

Do you have any good book recommendations for us? Business-related or otherwise.

By far my favorite book is Nutritional Medicine by Alan R Gaby. Pick it up and give it a read!