Grant Lawson

Grant Lawson is the Lead Crowdfunding Strategist at InventureX. The company, which is located in Santa Monica, CA is a digital marketing and crowdfunding organization that has challenged the way crowdfunding campaigns are handled.

As the head of an incredibly crucial department, Lawson uses his years of experience in the marketing industry to really drive outstanding service. His sharp sense for successful product launches has allowed him to identify countless opportunities for InventureX and his team. Lawson is also currently one of the leading crowdfunding experts around, so it’s safe to say he understands what it takes to get the job done.

When he has enough time during his busy schedule, he enjoys coaching other entrepreneurs. We were fortunate to catch up with him to discuss InventureX, crowdfunding and his advice to other entrepreneurs.


Can you tell us more about where the crowdfunding industry is heading?

There are a lot things that we’re seeing right now. We are looking at the potential for crowdfunding in the real estate market which is really exciting to see. I’ve also noticed how there may be opportunities for crowdfunding to tie into cryptocurrency, once the market starts levelling itself again.

It’ll all come down to how many people will be looking to gain footing for their product launches, which I can already tell will be quite a lot. The way crowdfunding has changed the game for entrepreneurs has been amazing. It’s going to continue to see a lot of growth and even more companies will be reaching their business goals.


How do you think InventureX stands out among the rest?

It’s simple. Our team of knowledgeable staff deliver real results that a lot of other companies aren’t meeting. By utilizing our crowd marketing experts, we are able to navigate our clients through the entire process to get the outcome their looking for. InventureX has currently launched well above 300 products, our pricing for pre-marketing strategies are incredible and we have an 86% success rate.

We take the intricate steps of crowdfunding and deliver consistent results. We try to take risks and are adamant about creating clear communication between one another and our customers.


What do you think has been the most rewarding part of your job?

Seeing our clients succeed. Every time I’m asked this question that’s really the strongest answer in my mind. It really motivates me when I see another successful product launch happen and the client almost can’t believe it.

Not because they didn’t think we were capable of helping them, but because it had taken them a lot of hard work and determination to get to that point. I really value the relationships we build with our clients and knowing that the effort we put in is changing their lives and business growth. That’s a great feeling and excites our team!


Are there moments where you wished you’d played your cards differently in a decision you made?

I suppose this is something that is true for everyone. Yes, there’s been times I’ve made a decision and the outcome didn’t go the way I had intended. Did it put a stop to everything? Well, of course not. But I try not to think about errors that have happened too much because I have other things I need to focus my attention on.

I can wish all day that I didn’t say or do something a certain way. But it’s not going to change what’s been done. Better to just keep going instead.


Let’s step back in a time a bit. What jobs did you have when you were younger?

I held a lot of “traditional” jobs teenage kids have. I waited tables and worked in retail for a little while. Once I was in college I started focusing on internships and other opportunities that were out there for me. I’m glad I was able to have those earlier experiences just because I met great people and learned much needed skills that I took with me later.


Aside from your professional experience, what other factors have prepared you for the crowdfunding industry?

I’d say family set up a pretty good standard for just having a strong work ethic in general. I don’t think anything directly influenced me to be prepared for the crowdfunding industry per say. But I suppose I also found some inspiration through classes I took in college. Business classes and things like that were just interesting to me.


Do you think there’s any piece of advice that young marketers, entrepreneurs, etc. should know about?

Probably that they aren’t the only one who is good at what they do. It’s amazing to see so much young talent out there, but many young people I come across don’t remind themselves that every market or industry can be flooded with others just like them.

There has to be skills or other ways that give them an edge over others looking for jobs. Or those who are starting businesses of their own. They just need to realize they have to stay humble and willing to learn even if they’re the expert. It’s easy to think there’s no way anyone else can be as good as you, but trust me. Don’t get ahead of yourself and be open to continued growth.