Arshad Madhani

With the endless possibilities digital marketing offers, Arshad Madhani constantly looks forward to what it will mean for the present and future of the industry. Currently located in Atlanta, GA, Madhani works with a variety of clients to help create their best digital marketing strategies.

A businessman by trade, Madhani had truly been making waves as a marketer in recent years. Using his experience, he consistently creates plans of actions for his clients that go above and beyond their expectations. While trends can move quickly, Madhani doesn’t fail to keep up with them all. His mission has never wavered to ensure he’s matching the demand that’s needed for every campaign he manages. And because of this approach, his clients are happy to work him over and over again.

Never one to back down from taking risks, Madhani continues to push boundaries even if it might seem uncomfortable at first. He’s aware of what risks mean for himself and for the businesses he helps. But even if it doesn’t pan out at first, he sees it as a positive opportunity to learn from it. He uses it as a way to direct him towards building a path of success for his clients.


First things first. Who inspired you growing up? Did they help you make a decision to be in your current industry?

Well, for starters my parents definitely inspired me to be the best at whatever I wanted to do. I was always impressed by Bill Gates and Neil Patel, to name a few of my favorite entrepreneurs. But also Sakichi Toyoda if you want to take it all the way back before the internet was even a thing! I think it was interesting to see how these guys pushed new ideas out there into the world. They were ahead of their eras for sure.

I think I also might have been “destined” to be in this industry if I’m being honest. Growing up I would come up with new tactics to sell things to my friends and family. It was mostly lemonade or invention I’d create in my room at first. Then over time it grew into my love for all things digital marketing. I think it’s why my parents constantly encouraged me when I was younger and why I kept pursuing marketing through years. It led me right to where I wanted to be.


What were you good at in school?

I really liked Math and English! But I also found history exciting too. History was interesting because I learned about ancient civilizations and what society was like before it turned into what it is today. And I guess since that class introduced me to all these inventors and business-minded people it indirectly influenced me too!


What do you think has been the most rewarding part of your job?

Just making sure that I see an entire campaign through and that it reaches my client’s goal. I think it’s just a great feeling to finally get to the end of the tunnel and look at what all the hard work accomplished.

Every time I help manage a new digital marketing strategy I think that the feeling will wear off but it never does. It’s the same sort of experience I had when I worked with my first client. It’s so funny to me how it ended up being that way.


What motivates you everyday?

Watching colleagues and peers succeeding. When I see how hard they’re working it pushes me to work harder too. And my clients motivate me as well. They are all great at what they do and being able to collaborate and be introduced to so many different ideas all the time is inspiring.


Let’s step back in time a bit. What jobs did you have when you were younger?

I primarily focused on internships while I was in high school and college. I wanted as much exposure as I could get to real world situations for business and digital marketing. I would look at summer programs or talk to counselors so that I made sure not to miss out on opportunities. I also worked briefly at a car dealership. It taught me a lot about sales of course, but then I shifted gears back to internships again.


Aside from your professional experience, what other factors have prepared you for the work you do now?

I would say it all comes down to college. But I also have my mentors and parents to thank. Every single one of these factors helped me to think way outside the box. School did that through some of the really interesting classes I took. Mentors I paired up with were great at giving direction and breaking down walls so I had a better vision of what I wanted to accomplish.

My parents always prepared me for work by showing me how they approached their own careers. I’m really glad I was surrounded by these people so that I could follow my path.


Do you think there’s any piece of advice that young marketers, entrepreneurs, and the like should know about?

It’s so important to give yourself the space to unwind. I don’t think I did that enough when I was starting out. I might not even do that enough now! But it’s good to slow things down now and again. It can make all the difference in the world if you can free up even five minutes of your day to meditate or listen to a good podcast. Or maybe find time to read a book. Anything really that takes you away from the computer and work so you can recharge. I know it’s hard for some people to do this, but it can help clear your mind if you’re stuck on something for a big project or if your week wasn’t stellar.