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Suresh Gaddam

As the founder of several prominent Washington, D.C., think tanks and a veteran political consultant, Suresh Gaddam has enjoyed a lengthy career in which he has played a critical role in shaping policy within the United States as well as… (READ MORE)

James Knight

James Knight, AMD’s virtual production director, is one of the film industry’s most innovative professionals and has served as performance capture specialist for remarkable movies that include Avatar, Hulk, I Am Legend, 2012, and Prince Caspian, along with countless others…. (READ MORE)

Phillip Brenner

With Dr. Phillip Brenner, who previously served as the head of the urology unit, St. Vincent’s Hospital is able to provide patients with access to one of the world’s most exceptional surgeons. Although he is quite skilled in every respect… (READ MORE)

Kim Dao

Kim Dao, the founder of the Kim Dao Blog, has built a massive following by producing and sharing informative and entertaining videos through her wildly popular YouTube channel. A passionate travel enthusiast, Kim Dao often documents her international travel experiences… (READ MORE)

Marty Stallone

Over a period of time spanning three decades and marked by increasingly impressive professional achievements, Marty Stallone has pioneered an innovative approach to the management of corporate functions, finance, risk management, cash-flow analytics through his position as executive vice president… (READ MORE)

David Shenkenberg

David Shenkenberg began his career as a humble busboy at Bennigan’s restaurant. Not liking to clean after people, he worked as a file clerk and then as a customer service representative. Although some people hate dealing with angry customers, the… (READ MORE)

Shaun Barratt

Shaun Barratt has made a wealth of critical contributions to the field of HR recruiting during his time as the director of Salt Recruitment Limited, the company he founded in 2003. Mr. Barratt, a digital recruiting expert, has emphasized the… (READ MORE)

Reed Gusmus

An experienced marketing executive with a reputation for maximizing the marketing investments of SaaS companies, Reed Gusmus has continued to build and expand upon his remarkable reputation in his current role as the director of marketing for QASymphony. Operating out… (READ MORE)