Connor Mulvey

Connor Mulvey

Connor Mulvey is a junior associate at the Genesis Group, LLC. His job revolves around overseeing B2B projects as well as marketing management. With more than five years of experience, he has completed a plethora of successful engagements and has experience with many different ventures. Prior to starting work full-time, Connor Mulvey obtained a bachelor’s degree from Loyola University in Maryland. This is also where he impressed by getting placed on the Dean’s List multiple times and earning an “honors” designation on his diploma. Nowadays, whenever he is not working, Connor Mulvey spends a lot of time running to maintain his cardio health or resistance-training to keep his muscles active.

What was your best/favorite subject in school?

Well, I did not become a really good student until I got to college. Of course, I still had high grades throughout all of my education, but I preferred classes that had little or nothing to do with actual studying. So, my favorite subjects early on were things like physical education. Once I got to the last two years of high school and then college, I realized that I really love anything tied to business. 

Finance was exciting because I was looking into concepts that help the world run. The same applies to economics where I learned how capitalism, socialism, and other historically popular solutions to scarcity operate. Of course, the fact that most of them failed provided me with an incentive to try and figure out a way that I could make it all work and pinpoint why older models had failed.

Where and how did you first get into the industry you currently work in?

Well, I first entered this industry with the same company that I still work for. I joined the Genesis Group as soon as I graduated from college. Since I really enjoyed my job, I decided to stick around for a little longer and try to advance my career. To my great pleasure, I achieved this as I now oversee most of our B2B projects. More importantly, the odds of future promotions are still very much existent as long as I continue to work hard and provide my clients with good solutions. 

How do you keep yourself motivated?

I always think back to my days of studying in college and realize that I would really not like to go back to that. The reason why is that those days were extremely difficult since I am not a person who can spend a lot of time doing the same thing over and over. So, once I recognize that I am very lucky to be working in a fast-paced environment that challenges me in new ways every day, I get the necessary motivation. 

Have you ever tried any unorthodox techniques to attract attention to your business?

I definitely have. A lot of my work deals with contemporary marketing strategies that I have to implement or oversee. Sometimes, my clients hit a plateau where their customer acquisition costs are incredibly high. Well, in order to break through and get the most out of the demand, we frequently come up with brand new ways to promote products or services. Just a few days ago, for example, I helped create a one-of-a-kind poster advertisement that will be displayed online for a company that normally never invests in digital marketing. Hopefully, our efforts will pay off as we will be tapping into the market that they have not had a chance to pursue. 

What personal achievement are you most proud of?

I am very proud of my longevity here at the firm. Although five years is not a very long time, it is definitely much longer than I ever anticipated working for the same employer. I have always been so upbeat that I needed a change of scenery relatively often. Once I became an associate, however, this changed, and I completely shifted the way in which I looked at my job. I did not see it as an obligation but an opportunity to reach my goals. Due to this, coming to work has become much less stressful and I have been able to provide myself with perpetual inspiration to strive for perfection. 

What kind of business ideas excite you most?

I always love modern ideas that employ new resources and solutions that are unexplored. For instance, when Uber was first invented, nobody really saw this type of remote business model as profitable. Well, just a few years later, Uber is now worth billions of dollars. I am a big advocate for these types of engagements as they are so forward-thinking that most people have no choice but to accept their merits, and these creations drive levels of profit not seen elsewhere.