Julie Queler

Julie Queler

Julie Queler founded The Orchid Recovery Center in 2004.  The Orchid catered to women who found themselves embattled with substance abuse. Julie established the center out of her personal experiences with drug addiction and rehabilitation, along with a decision to help women caught up in the drug malaise. The facility fully committed to its goal of treating women at the physical, emotional, and mental level. Treatment blended traditional medical care with time-tested alternative treatment techniques, such as acupuncture, meditation, and yoga.

Julie’s passion for helping has also allowed her to lead a very philanthropic life. She has spent extensive time in the Far East, with a concentration in India.  One of the most rewarding moments of her brief time there, was advocating for the less fortunate…those without a voice.  A vibrant memory for her is Kalu, a dog rescued by Deb Jarrett from the Dharamsala Animal Rescue (DAR).

After 10 years of empowering women through sobriety, Julie sold The Orchid in 2014 to embark on the next phase of her career. She founded JPQ2 Productions and started working with a variety of industries.

As JPQ2 grew, Julie started to develop her niche in the debt management industry. Her exposure to the industry gave her an insight into predatory student loan companies. The more she learned and saw, the more she wanted to do something. Julie set out to find a way to help people who were committed to getting higher education.

What was your favorite subject in school?

I have always felt an attachment to health and wellness, even when I was too young to know better.  I was blessed with the ability to master most academic disciplines offered at school. Next, my experience as a behavioral expert and drug addiction counselor, plus my life and business experiences, have placed me in an enviable position of helping people seeking help in many ways.

What was your first job?

I once served in a small rehab center in Florida, before assisting as a nutritionist. On both occasions, I was able to forge a good working relationship with my seniors and co-workers. Little did I know this would propel my career to a greater height.

How did The Orchid change you?

Working with people suffering from drug addiction at a rehab center almost seemed like a natural career for me. I made the conscious decision to help addicts recover from the pain long ago. At the Orchid Recovery Center, we helped patients with alcoholism and drug addiction problem recover and resume their normal lives.

How have your previous jobs prepared you for what you do today?

The formative years of my career helped me develop an excellent idea of what I need to do to find success in the next phase of my career. I want to help inspire people to create movements of their own. For me it was The Orchid, India, and more, I want people to realize that they can change the world. All it takes is passion and dedication.

Describe your best work day ever.

It’s difficult to point at one particular day that stands out. However, I always tried to make the most out of the interviews I had with potential clients at The Orchid.  I keyed in on counseling sessions and treatment management. I got satisfaction every day when I saw patients recover from addictions, and regain physical and psychological health.

How do you motivate yourself?

I always have and always will get a charge from the members of my team.  Especially when it comes to implementing programs and tackling everyday challenges. This unity of purpose always kept my spirits high, no matter what comes my way.

What business ideas are most exciting to you?

Many business ideas have crossed my mind. I have always loved the wellness coaching concept. But now I want to inspire people to create movements for change. People can change the world. Everyone has something that they are passionate about and I want to help channel that passion into work for good.

Have you ever tried any unconventional techniques to market your business?

I consider the referral system I developed at The Orchid pretty special.  Additionally, my media and print buying methods have been widely replicated.  I have always set the highest standards for my team members.  And the highest standard for myself.

What individual achievement are you proud of?

I always felt proudest when an Orchid client left happy and full of promise.  Making a difference in this world…turning someone’s life around.  That brings a smile to my face every day.

What career wisdom would you have liked to share with yourself?

Interesting question!  I have learned from long experience that formulating a successful strategy requires a clear blueprint of action. Everything is important, including the creation of conducting a treatment setting complete and necessary support structures.