Interview: Mo Howard West Virginia Football

In this interview, we feature Ultegra Financial Partners CEO Mo Howard of West Virginia Football fame.

Mo Howard, the CEO and managing principal of Ultegra Financial Partners, has leveraged his many years of practical experience in the financial industry and his finance-focused educational background into the founding of a company that has enjoyed immediate success. While it may seem that Ultegra Financial Partners was something of an overnight sensation upon its founding in 2012, the fact of the matter is the company has had a long incubation process that goes back as far as Mr. Howard’s days on a campus in Morgantown, West Virginia.

Mo Howard, WVU graduate and former star football player, had the idea that would eventually become Ultegra Financial Partners while still engaged in the early stages of his undergraduate education. Though he knew before arriving at West Virginia University that he wanted to study finance, he had not yet thought about how he would ultimately use the degree he would earn at WVU. After only a few semesters at the school, however, Mr. Howard came to the realization that he wished to create and head a company such as Ultegra Financial Partners, a realization that allowed him to further focus his academic studies on achieving such a goal.

West Virginia Football player Mo Howard

Mo Howard, West Virginia Football player and graduate.

Upon completing his undergraduate studies at West Virginia, Mr. Howard remained at the school while pursuing a master’s degree in business administration. He completed his MBA in Finance and Financial Management Systems while earning cum laude honors, setting him on a course that would include a decade’s worth of experience working in the finance industry.

His first employment opportunity came with BB&T, a financial institution that is among the largest in the United States and handles nearly $200 billion in assets. Mr. Howard’s time with BB&T began with a role as a commercial lending associate, but the completion of the BB&T Leadership Development Program led to the materialization of other opportunities.

After completing the program at the top of his class, Mr. Howard accepted a role in which he oversaw an $87-million portfolio while serving as a commercial lender, commercial underwriter and credit analyst. In his three years with BB&T, Mr. Howard gained a great deal of insight and experience that would ultimately prove quite valuable in his eventual role as CEO and managing principal of Ultegra Financial Partners.

After three years of experience with BB&T, Mr. Howard moved on to a role as vice president with US Capital Partners. The experience with US Capital Partners also proved to be of exceptional benefit to Mr. Howard, as he was responsible for the total oversight of business development and also provided his expertise in matters relating to loan structuring and underwriting.

All of this varied experience in the financial industry has made Mr. Howard uniquely qualified in his current role with Ultegra Financial Partners. With his intimate knowledge of large-scale bank operations and his exceptional educational background, Ultegra Financial Partners was positioned for immediate success when it was first founded in 2012.

Among the many successes that Howard can count, one of the most obvious is the implementation of the web-based, client-centered platform that Ultegra Financial Partners utilizes. The Denver-based company’s platform allows it to reach clients on a nationwide basis, and clients from all over the United States are therefore able to take advantage of the company’s numerous and diverse financial offerings.

Ultegra Financial Services currently offers clients a variety of financial services while specializing in providing business solutions to small- and mid-market companies through sound financial consulting and lending services. In providing comprehensive funding solutions to businesses, Mr. Howard has made it a priority for Ultegra Financial Partners to develop a reputation for offering highly customized business solutions that assist companies in becoming funded — even after experiencing previous funding setbacks.

Mr. Mo Howard has succeeded in making Ultegra Financial Partners a company that is able to offer assistance to companies in nearly any circumstance. This is because Mr. Howard has surrounded himself with insightful and innovative partners who are able to assist startups in need of initial funding as well as established companies seeking expansion.

Whether a company is in crisis or is simply exploring methods to expand into a new market, Ultegra Financial Services has been able to confidently assist its clients and successfully accomplish the goals set before them. For Mr. Howard, the initial and immediate success of Ultegra Financial Partners is simply the product of many years of hard-earned education and practical experience.

We would like to thank Mo Howard, former West Virginia Football player for taking the time to do this interview.