Interview: Dr. Dana Sibilsky

In this interview, Dana Sibilsky gives some insight of her life and accomplishments.

Dana Sibilsky, a brilliant board-certified psychiatrist with over 21+ years of experience is native to the lands of Flint, Michigan. Dana attended the University of Michigan and majored in a field that captured her interest: Biology. When she wasn’t too business, Dr. Sibilsky spend a lot of her time assisting with first genetic paternity tests at the medical school nearby.

Dana Sibilsky’s passion for biology carried on to completing a graduate degree in microbiology from the school of Oakland University and afterward accepted to attend the American University medical school in the Caribbean upon invitation. Education never stops for some as seen in the practices of the successful. Dr. Sibilsky later returned to Michigan in order to attend Wayne State University. Her goal was to pursue a career in psychiatry.

After graduating from Wayne State, Dana Sibilsky worked for four years as an emergency psychiatrist before accepting a new position in the Southern state of Georgia as a medical director. After taking on this new change in her life, she knew it was time to take another big step and for the first time own her own practice.

What makes Dr. Sibilsky so irreplaceable is her ability to converse with her patients’ and address their needs with both boldness and generosity. Anyone who has been in her office will tell you she has a certain gentleness as well as a unique professional background in psychiatric assistance.