Gary David, CrazyMass CEO

CrazyMass CEO Gary David

CrazyMass is an American made supplement company that offers a wide variety of products meant to increase muscle mass and enhance performance. The CEO of the company is Gary David who has over fifteen years of experience in the fitness industry. Given his previously attained knowledge, he understands the ins and outs of the human body when it comes to the anatomy of exercise. Although the proprietary formulas that CrazyMass uses are a secret, David has openly discussed the company’s implementation of natural herbs and amino acids. Given that they have been growing since inception, the formula certainly works as the number of repeat clients relentlessly increases.

How do you operate in an industry that is commonly viewed as taboo?

Well, we dedicate a large portion of our resources to raising awareness about the benefits of performance supplements. Nevertheless, you are absolutely correct when saying that many people still carry the underlying misconception about what we make. The common misrepresentation is that we offer illegal enhancements that are meant to achieve something that the body could not do on its own. Of course, this is not true as everything that goes into our formulas is commonly found in food. We also manufacture in an FDA registered, audited and CGMP approved facility, where we conduct yearly batch tests for quality and accuracy of ingredients. I personally work with chemists to ensure quality and reliability.

In a way, our goal is to make it easier for people to hit their targeted nutrient values every day. When you think about someone who is physically active, they require many more calories and macros than those who are not very mobile. Eventually, however, they may reach a point where they would have to eat ten meals just to replenish the resources within their body. Consider for example The Rock’s famous diet. By relying on supplements, they can get the necessary energy as effortlessly as possible.

Have you ever experienced any legal issues and how did you overcome them?

Absolutely not. Everything that we make is perfectly natural and we spend enormous amounts of time and money conducting research to ensure that all of our products are tested. Developing, testing and manufacturing our products in CGMP approved facilities throughout the U.S allows us to keep a close eye on everything we create. In fact, nothing makes it to our shelves or the website catalog until it has been verified to serve a purpose for which it was produced in a safe manner. The company’s priority quite literally revolves around consumer safety and we put nothing ahead of their well-being.

What are some other common challenges that the supplement industry faces?

The competition is incredibly fierce. There is a large number of companies that are already established and have a number of supplements that have been around for years. They also have the necessary amounts of capital to engage in high-profile marketing campaigns that sometimes involve celebrities or fitness models. Overcoming such barriers to entry in the market can get pretty challenging. Nevertheless, we rely on our campaigns, customer reviews, and stand behind all of our performance supplements. So, although our costs of customer acquisitions may be high, we tend to cover them with long-term revenues from repeat purchases.

How are you going to ensure that your priorities are not shifted as your company increases its market capitalization and grows in size?

I am glad to answer that question as we already had some similar concerns. Over our recent history, we increased the number of buyers exponentially and our market capitalization has grown faster than most of our analytics expected. Regardless, all of us have made it a priority to not change the way that we operate in any way. Meaning, we still dedicate the same amount of time and resources to the same concerns that we had before getting bigger. Additionally, we dedicate the same effort to our prospective customers as we believe that our current growth is just a tiny glimpse into the future.

Naturally, however, we have invested a considerable amount into the expansion of certain areas in order to be able to keep up with the demand. For example, we extended our customer service department and continue doing so as more buyers show interest. Having reliable representatives and agents is what helps us facilitate this type of growth. Therefore, we are more than willing to dedicate the necessary resources to all areas that need to grow in order to keep up with new transactions.