Cyrus Baseghi

Cyrus Baseghi is a Nevada-based businessman and a computer software expert who currently heads an organization called OSSI. Operating out of Las Vegas, he handles responsibilities that revolve around incorporating all of his clients’ systems into a single solution that will let them reduce the technology-related expenditures as well as improve their productivity. Cyrus Baseghi is also constantly looking for small businesses and contract management opportunities that would allow him to expand his book of business.

What was your favorite subject in school?

I always enjoyed natural science classes like physics, chemistry, and biology. Once I got close to college, however, I shifted my focus to things like math, business, and computer science. It was not long before I was completely dedicated to doing programming and other forms of data science accompanied by some finance.

What was your first job?

One of the first jobs that I ever had was with Fujant between May of 1996 and May of 1999. Although that company no longer exists, since it was purchased by Celiant Corporation in 2002, it was quite prominent and rapidly growing when I was there.

Where and how did you first get into the industry you currently work in?

Though I started working with computer science relatively early, it was not until I joined OSSI that I was able to fully dedicate myself to this field. That happened in January of 2002, and I have been here ever since.

How have those jobs prepared you for what you do now?

Well, I managed to stick around OSSI for such a long time, so I think that those first few years were instrumental to my success. Obviously, my set of responsibilities was a lot different back then, but I was able to acquire quite a few transferrable skills.

Describe the best day of work you have ever had.

I do not think that I could laser-focus on only one day as I had quite a few that stood out. The common denominator between all of them would be large transactions that OSSI closed with some of our biggest clients. As far as why such events matter to me, it mostly boils down to seeing the effort that my employees and I put in get rewarded.

How do you keep yourself motivated?

I remember that, as the president of a company, I carry an unparalleled amount of responsibility toward everybody that is below me. After all, if our company struggles and people lose jobs, there will be a lot of families that will struggle as well.

What kind of business ideas excite you most?

Whenever I get to learn about business projects that carry an extremely detailed plan of action, I tend to get excited because I know that the entrepreneur truly cares. If I can further verify all of their goals and objectives, which means that I concur with their estimates, the excitement increases. As far as the ideas themselves, they mostly revolve around small, family-owned businesses that I could incorporate some of our simple solutions into.

Have you ever tried any unorthodox techniques to attract attention to your business?

Not that I can think of. I always tried to stay in touch with the times, so my marketing has been very close to what is currently popular in the market. For instance, when social media promotions first came out, I took the time to learn how to manage campaigns and integrate that into my business. Albeit a relatively short effort, since we decided that social media targeting is not something that works for our brand, we did not wait until it became mainstream.

What personal achievement are you most proud of?

Getting to lead my employees through authority based on respect, not fear. As someone who is in a position of power, it was never my goal to scare people into listening to me. Instead, I wanted to build a bond based on trust and mutual respect. That way, we can communicate more transparently without fearing of what either party truly think. Also, being straightforward with everyone has led to an increase in productivity because my workers do not need to stress about all the projects that are going on. They know that as long as they put in an appropriate amount of effort, missing a few deadlines is not going to make a big difference.

What wisdom would you have liked to share with yourself when you first started?

I would tell my younger self to learn the ins and outs of venture capital as I enjoy working with start-ups. Many of the small businesses that OSSI deals with benefit from our knowledge of handling the initial entry to the market.