Christina Schergen

1.When did you start blogging?

I started blogging in 2010. I actually started blogging as away to document our weekend outings. I also used my blog as a way to store recipes, favorite Etsy shop find, crafts I wanted to try out and more…this was before a little gem called Pinterest was invented! It turned out I really enjoyed writing…blogging turned into a creative outlet for me…something for ME…as a mama of four it is important to have something I enjoy.

2.Do you make money from your blog?

Yes. Linqia is my main source (and favorite) of blogging income.

3.What is one tip new bloggers could benefit from?

Spend REAL time gaining real followers. This pays off…because you have built real relationships. If you are genuine it will show. Don’t be afraid to be honest and funny and true to yourself.

4.What has been your best form of marketing for your blog?

I love all forms of social media for different reasons. Twitter is my main source for ads…because the link is clickable. I love everything about Instagram…but I want my feed to stay happy…and pretty…Instagram doesn’t offer a click link…so I almost never share sponsored post there. Pinterest is where my biggest following is…and this is a great tool for pinning your own website and driving traffic to your blog.

5.Do you consider your blog a “job”?

First and foremost I am a full time mother…but I only get paid in baby kisses and hand picked daisies. Sooooo, yes I do consider blogging a job…which is so neat to me…because that was never my goal in the beginning. I thought why not!?…why not montinize something I already would be doing…like making afterschool snacks…cooking dinner…or making a holiday craft?

6.How do you keep yourself motivated?

I enjoy it…when you enjoy something…motivation comes along with it. Honestly I’m my own boss so if I feel like I am spending too much time on social media…I take a break…that’s the beauty of it.

7.What is one personal achievement you’re proud of?

I have earned every single one of my followers. They were not bought and they were not gained through a bot.

8.What advice would you share with yourself when you were 18 years old?

Dreamy big. While your in school get as many degrees as you can…you have to be there anyways. Travel more…in fact travel as much as you can.

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