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Reed Gusmus

Reed Gusmus RKS

An experienced marketing executive with a reputation for maximizing the marketing investments of SaaS companies, Reed Gusmus has continued to build and expand upon his remarkable reputation in his current role as the director of marketing for QASymphony. Operating out… (READ MORE)

Matthew Luedecke

Matthew Trimark RKS

Matthew Luedecke is the manager at Trimark Properties specializing in Commercial real estate Gainesville FL. Trimark is a premier real estate company in Gainesville, offering a portfolio that ranges from luxury apartments to historic homes. Luedecke handles commercial holdings for… (READ MORE)

Mahwish Ahmed

Mahwish Ahmed is an enthusiastic person living in Irvine, California who has had major professional advancements and is currently in a management role for a reputable company. She has experience working for startups, mid-size companies, and large matrix organizations. She… (READ MORE)

Laura Suarez

Luara Suarez RKS

Laura Suarez is the Digital Marketing Associate at Trimark Properties, a leading property management company specializing in commercial and residential real estate in the Gainesville. Suarez is charged with marketing Trimark’s extensive portfolio of luxury apartments to University of Florida… (READ MORE)

Jon Giaan

Jon Giaan RKS

Recognizing that the traditionally espoused path to wealth and financial freedom was not necessarily ideal for a large percentage of the population, Jon Giaan set out to prove that there were many different ways to achieve the same goal while… (READ MORE)

Sam Ovens

Sam Ovens RKS

As the founder of OVENS International, Sam Ovens is responsible for creating nine millionaire consultants in addition to the well over 100 others earning well in excess of six figures. These remarkable achievements occurred in the four-year period in which… (READ MORE)