Lee Trotman

As a digital marketing executive who can cite countless examples of exceptional marketing campaigns generating consistently outstanding results, Lee Trotman has enjoyed an overwhelmingly successful professional career. Currently serving as the director of digital marketing and e-commerce for Natrol, Inc., Mr. Trotman has applied his experience and industry expertise in an effort to generate continued improvements to the company’s bottom line. Boasting a long track record of success well before ever joining Natrol, Inc., Mr. Trotman has once again exceeded even the loftiest of expectations with the results he has generated in his time with the nutritional supplements provider. Prior to Natrol, Inc. Trotman excelled in management positions with Southern California Edison (SCE).

Through the use of a comprehensive digital marketing campaign, Mr. Trotman has been able to use monthly web sales campaigns through Amazon Media Group to generate in excess of $20 million in online sales. Although this sort of achievement is impressive on its own, the fact that it comes in addition to several other exceptional outcomes stemming from Mr. Trotman’s digital marketing efforts makes it all the more laudable. Using an e-commerce platform, Mr. Trotman has also been able to increase the sales of nutritional supplements at a monthly rate of nearly 20 percent, and he has also designed and implemented several other strategies that have yielded similarly outstanding results for Natrol, Inc.

Before joining Natrol, Inc., Mr. Trotman served in a variety of leadership roles that allowed him to impart his vast marketing knowledge and expertise. Mr. Trotman’s management experience goes back over 20 years, and his marketing efforts have always relied on an awareness of the most cutting-edge marketing strategies available, many of which were of Mr. Trotman’s own design. Digital marketing and e-commerce are a part of an industry that is in a constant state of flux, but Mr. Trotman’s adaptability has enabled him to remain at the forefront of the most recent developments for over two decades of his professional career.

While Mr. Trotman is frequently recognized for his professional efforts and finds his services to be in frequent demand, he is also committed to supporting a number of charitable causes by either volunteering his time or offering financial contributions to these worthy endeavors. Many of these causes started with his tenure at SCE. A longtime supporter of veteran’s rights, Mr. Trotman has frequently committed his time and effort to helping the Vietnam Veterans of America, an organization that provides assistance and necessities to veterans in need. In addition to his staunch support of veteran’s rights, Mr. Trotman is also devoted to animal rights and is a frequent supporter of PETA, the ASPCA and Last Chance for Animals.