George Faltaous – Creator of Genucel

George Faltaous is the creator of Genucel and Chamonix Skin Care, a leading plant stem cell skin care product. George is a pharmacist and has working knowledge in chemistry, nutrition, and natural pharmacy. It was only in 1999 when he embraced entrepreneurship by introducing an anti-wrinkle cream. With little marketing or promotion, the cream managed to sell like hot cakes, marking the arrival of an entrepreneur. After that initial success, there has been no looking back for George Faltaous. We managed to catch up with George and had him answer some of our questions.


What led you to create Genucel?

In 1999, while I was still employed as a pharmacist, one of my female customers came up to me and told me she wanted an effective solution for her wrinkle problem. She had tried several creams in the past but was not happy with any. Since I was adept and passionate about pharmaceuticals and nutrition, I obliged. This is what prompted me to develop an anti-wrinkle cream of my own.

She was quite happy with my product and she started raving about my anti-wrinkle cream to her friends and relatives. Thereafter, word about my cream spread and the medical community and even the media were praising my home kitchen-made cream. Floored by such positive response, I resigned my job and started my own firm. Today, Chamonix Skin Care’s product portfolio is more than just anti-wrinkle creams, it includes products for under eye bags, dark circles, and even hair care items.


What’s your favorite part about running this company?

I love science because it helps you create things. But it’s not just the “creation” aspect of the business but also the complete freedom I enjoy as a passionate pharmacist by trade.

Setting a good example is also a passion that I’ve come to enjoy.  Leading by example is something we all strive to do.  Every decision and action you make can affect the decisions and actions of your employees.  It’s important to keep a level head and not make knee jerk reactions every day.


What’s your unique advantage in a competitive industry?

My anti-wrinkle cream did well, not because it was different, but it managed to fall good on its claims. The majority of anti-wrinkle creams from other brands do not fall good on their claims. This is probably the area where my product differentiates itself and is at an advantage. Moreover, my wrinkle cream is the only product of its kind that has pure antioxidants and zero pharmaceutical preservatives. Genucel is not just about the right ingredients but also having the right composition.


Have any books recently inspired you?

I’ve have just gotten a few books delivered recently that I’m looking forward to reading this month. Tools Of Titans by Tim Ferris looks like it will be an interesting read.   I usually prefer reading books of successful entrepreneurs – less for their success stories and more for the obstacles they encountered before the world happened to know them.


Where does your motivation come from?

I like to learn new things every day (be it personal or professional), and Genucel was a learning experience. In fact, I still get to learn a new thing every day as the CEO of Chamonix Skin Care. I love to travel and meet new people and experience new cultures. As the owner of my firm, I get to do that quite frequently. Not to mention, the sense of pride and serene pleasure I derive from being able to help people.


Do you have any advice you can give young entrepreneurs?

I always believe entrepreneurship is not starting a business if you have the money. Create a business only when you have an idea – the money will follow. In other words, start a business only if you think your product or service will fulfill an unmet consumer requirement or could be a unique and valuable twist to an existing offering. If you’re offering the same thing as your competitor with a different label, you may not survive long as an entrepreneur. You must be passionate about what you do and know what you’re doing.