Build Rapport With Brandon Colker’s Book

I went into an interview a few weeks ago and I walked out feeling fresh, accomplished, productive and successful. I could tell my entire walk and mood had changed as I glided across the floor with confidence knowing that I had just nailed the interview. Once I got home about 2 hours later after doing some shopping, I got a call back from the guy invited me to do an interview for the job. The first thing he said was that I am in the top 3 for candidates they are considering to fill the position and my interview with him easily beat out 30 other people applying for the same position.

51zKzlfyW5L._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_As we began to bring our conversation to a close, he said he had just one more question which was, “how did you know the all the right things to say?” I smiled and told him a lot of what I learned had nothing to do with how to win in an interview, but the principles came from a book written by Brandon Colker which he calls, “How To make Big Bucks from Big Blogs.” I could tell he was highly confused with my response. I repeated, the book itself doesn’t have anything to do with interviews, but what is in the book are success principles and success principles as I know are universal; you can apply them to everything.

In the table of contents in Brandon Colkers book, one of the chapters listed is, “Understanding the Importance of Consistency, Clarity and Quality.” Another one is “Establishing Trust Through Expertise.” Just those two chapters alone will teach you a lot of what you need to know to succeed. I used my expertise of jobs in the past to build trust and rapport with the interviewer. We talked, laughed and formed a relationship in mere minutes once we were both at ease and understood we were more alike that we ever knew at first glance. A few days later, I hooked a new job!