Brett Finkelstein Rookstool Interviews

Brett Finkelstein’s innovative approach to facilities management has earned him widespread praise from all corners of the industry. As the CEO of 1 Stop Maintenance, Mr. Finkelstein has worked diligently in pursuing the continued growth and expansion of the company. Mr. Finkelstein reviews 1 Stop Maintenance locations in an effort to ensure they are industry leading. With offices throughout North America 1 Stop Maintenance has become a premier provider of state-of-the-art facilities management services and has done so while providing a specialized approach available at consistently affordable rates.

Before taking on his role as the CEO of 1 Stop Maintenance, Mr. Finkelstein spent over a decade working in various facets of the industry and has applied his unique understanding of facilities management to the services provided by the company he now runs. Mr. Finkelstein is also a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, holding a degree in business management that has helped guide his approach to leading 1 Stop Maintenance. With his knowledge and experience, Mr. Finkelstein’s innovative approach with 1 Stop Maintenance has yielded unparalleled success in the facilities management industry.

Providing services to commercial properties operating in a variety of industries, 1 Stop Maintenance has benefited tremendously from Mr. Finkelstein’s focus on providing comprehensive service offerings to clients. The company is able to offer cutting-edge services that include HVAC, electric, janitorial, pest control, plumbing and more, making it one of the few providers capable of providing such a vast array of necessary services to commercial properties.

Mr. Finkelstein, a longtime resident of New York, typically operates out of the company’s central offices but is also a frequent presence in the company’s international offices as well. A world traveler who enjoys exploring unique cultures, Mr. Finkelstein has consistently demonstrated how his leadership qualities make him the perfect fit to serve as the CEO of a company like 1 Stop maintenance.

1. What was your best/favorite subject in school?

I appreciated the opportunity to learn about all kinds of different subjects, and aside from courses on business and management I found a great deal of enjoyment in studying cultural anthropology and economics.

2. What was your first job?

I worked a lot of odd jobs around Long Island that involved quite a bit of physical labor. The aches and pains I felt after a 12-hour workday absolutely played a role in my decision to pursue a degree in business management.

3. Where and how did you first get into the industry you currently work in?

Through some good fortune I landed a job right out of college in facilities management, and I worked my way up to leadership positions in which I had a variety of responsibilities. Over the years I learned quite a bit about the industry and felt quite confident in my ability to lead an organization.

4. How have those jobs prepared you for what you do now?

Since I had so many different responsibilities and worked with employees charged with different aspects of facility management, I was able to develop a deep understanding of every aspect of operations.

5. Describe the best day of work you’ve ever had.

There was one day in which I had to head overseas on a flight in the evening but still had a lot to do at the office. I was so efficient and got so much done despite the pressure of my looming travel deadline, and after what seemed like an interminable flight I landed and actually gained a day because we had crossed the dateline. It was sort of a novel experience for me and it has given me the opportunity to joke about how I once traveled back in time in order to squeeze two days’ worth of work into one.

6. How do you keep yourself motivated?

Our work has a profound impact on clients, so I remain motivated by the desire to help others achieve success.

7. What kind of business ideas excite you most?

I am always awed by those who are wiling to take big entrepreneurial risks, especially when it involves pivoting away from something that is already successful to take a shot at something that could drastically alter their business in a positive way.

8. Have you ever tried any unorthodox techniques to attract attention to your business?

Yes, our marketing team is quite creative and I trust them enough to try strategies that are completely unique.

9. What personal achievement are you most proud of?

I am very proud of the success we have had in expanding on an international scale.

10. What wisdom you would have liked to share with yourself when you first started out?

I worked in the industry for over a decade before assuming my current role with 1 Stop Maintenance, so I would tell myself to venture out on my own much earlier than I did. I knew the industry inside and out at a relatively early stage and could have been every bit as successful had I pursued my current venture several years before I actually did.