Brian Speier

Brian Speier is an internal auditor for AVANGRID, Inc., an energy services and delivery company based out of Portland, Maine. Mr. Speier, a detail-oriented and analytically inclined professional, is responsible for the operational and financial audits utilized in evaluating the various internal processes, procedures, and information for the purpose of delivering value-added feedback. With years of experience in international business as well as in corporate management, Mr. Speier possesses a unique set of qualifications especially ideal for his role as an internal auditor with AVANGRID, Inc.

Prior to joining AVANGRID, Inc., at its location in Maine, Mr. Speier spent years living and working abroad, including at the largest language services provider in all of Korea, ELS Educational Services. During the more than four years he spent with ELS Educational Services in Seoul, Korea, Mr. Speier oversaw a 39 percent increase in student registrations due to the programs he developed and implemented while serving in the role of academic director. Mr. Speier’s international endeavors also included a role as a senior instructor with International Language Academies, an experience in which the international business expert trained and managed teachers in China as well as the Czech Republic.

Mr. Speier’s experience living and working abroad began while he was working toward an undergraduate degree in business administration from the University of California, Riverside. As an undergraduate, Mr. Speier was a part of ITESM, a study-abroad program based out of Monterey, Mexico. After this experience — along with several others in which he lived, worked, and studied abroad — Mr. Speier earned a scholarship to the Thunderbird School of Global Management, where he completed an MBA in global finance. Despite the inherent demands of these many challenging academic and professional experiences, Mr. Speier has continued to diligently train for some of the most daunting endurance events and competitions.


1. What was your best/favorite subject in school?

I actually cannot recall a subject I didn’t enjoy, but the ones that stand out the most are mathematics, statistics, English, exercise physiology, and anything involving international studies.


2. What was your first job?

I worked as a resource manager at Citigroup while I was working on my degree at UC-Riverside


3. Where and how did you first get into the industry you currently work in?

I enjoyed my role with ELS Educational Services, but I felt like I was ready for the challenges of my current position with AVANGRID.


4. How have those jobs prepared you for what you do now?

My previous roles have prepared me to overcome any challenges I might face as a professional, especially as an internal auditor at AVANGRID.


5. Describe the best day of work you’ve ever had.

Every day I am able to work with data that allows me to provide consulting that benefits the company is always an excellent day of work.


6. How do you keep yourself motivated?

I understand how critical my responsibilities as internal auditor are to the company’s continued success, so I have no trouble remaining motivated.


7. What kind of business ideas excite you most?

Ideas based on thorough research and analysis are usually the most exciting in my eyes.


8. Have you ever tried any unorthodox techniques to attract attention to your business?

Our business has such a strong foundation that the use of unorthodox techniques to attract attention would be unnecessary.


9. What personal achievement are you most proud of?

I’m proud of the many unique challenges I’ve accepted and overcome throughout the course of my professional career thus far.


10. What wisdom you would have liked to share with yourself when you first started out?

I would simply offer a reminder regarding the importance of trusting one’s instincts when making important life decisions. I’ve had so many gratifying experiences simply due to the trust I’ve placed in myself when faced with any critical decision.