Matthew David Parker

Matthew David Parker is a highly skilled photographer who grew up in New York City. Over the years, his award winning photos, which depict the story and history of New York and Las Vegas have gained world wide appreciation. In Las Vegas, Matthew David Parker was inspired by people, casinos and architecture found on the city streets and famous strip. His sharp focus on people has been on elements such as fashion, culture and ethnicity. Parker’s interest in architectural photography picked when he started taking photos of specific buildings on every short interval and using it to develop thought provoking and alluring frames.

Parker’s idea of becoming a professional photographer came out naturally as a hobby before turning into a lucrative professional gambit. His remarkable shots have spawned a new generation of photographers who savor the opportunities now available to make a name for themselves. Today, Parker continues to realize his goal of sequentially telling the story and history of the places he has visited and lived, one photograph at a time.

What do you know about the real estate industry?
I know the industry concerns the rights to a building or land. The land could be a ranch, farm or vacant land while property could mean a residential, commercial or industrial structure. The industry is critical to the overall well-being of the economy since it is capital intensive and involves the exchange of huge sums of money.

Have you ever sold real estate? How did you make it happen?
I sold a small property a few years ago and moved to a more strategic location. The process wasn’t as easy as I had initially thought. I had to follow a number of procedures to prepare the property for listing such as cleaning and mending the broken fixtures, advertising.and pre-screening prospects.

How much experience do you have in buying or selling real estate?
From what I have learned, it is crucial to have a licensed and experienced realtor on your side. These guys understand the market top down and all the underlying intricacies in the real estate industries. The whole process of selling a home also seemed eerily similar to running a small business, especially on the marketing point of view.

Have you ever made a sell or a purchase you have regretted?
There is this vacuum cleaner I purchased from a door to door salesman. From the sellers pitch, the vacuum seemed like a good investment marketed as a super fast vacuum that would last a lifetime. I paid a tidy amount for it, unfortunately it didn’t last more than one year. I had to spend a couple of $100 bills to order a new one.

What advice would you give inexperienced who are wanting to buy or sell?
I would strongly urge inexperienced sellers to make a good first impression on the buyer as part of promotional efforts. This can be done through landscaping, painting, carpeting and enhancing the look of your entrance. Secondly, the process of selling and buying real estate can be very emotional, but when you decide to sell a home, you need to divorce the emotions from the equation.

What have you found out to be the best way to market property?
The first thing you need is to be clear about the reason for selling your property. My marketing strategy was simple; sharpen my negotiation skills and find a good realtor. When it comes to contracts, I made sure these are accurate and complete.

What has real estate taught you about life?
One of the most important real life lessons I have learned through my involvement in real estate is that it pays to work with others in the know, especially with regards to dealing with creditors, marketeers and prospective buyers. Seeking professional advice can go a long way to save you money and minimize the instances of poor decision making.

How can you use what you have learned in real estate to succeed in other areas?
As in the real estate, it is very important to create a marketing plan that fits your needs. In photography, I know fully appreciate the importance of marketing my business on good photography platforms and using lead generation ideas that have been tried and tested by professionals.